Making Lots of Sizzling Girls Like You

Want to hang out with a bunch of hot girls? Do you want to have romantic relationships with hot girls? If so, pay close attention because this is the most important page you will ever read. You are about to discover the ultra-weird secrets of making friends with a hot woman and having sex fast.

Warning: These techniques are extremely covert and effective. Don’t use them until you’re ready to have sex.

Look your best: shower, keep nails and hair short. Get a new cool hairstyle and wear clothes that look great on you. It doesn’t matter where you go. If you want women to be attracted to you, you should always look your best.

Three second rule: the moment you see a sexy woman. Go up to her and start talking right away. Don’t hesitate, approaching a woman within the first three seconds will ensure she doesn’t suffer from approach anxiety.

Approach anxiety is one of the worst things a man can experience because it just freezes him up and leaves him clueless. Follow the three second rule until your embarrassment disappears. Some men had to approach hundreds of women to get rid of their shyness. You may have to approach thousands. But still, just do it.

Say hello: Walk up to the woman and just say hello. Tell him that the shoes he’s wearing now are the ones you gave your little sister for her birthday after searching a hundred stores. And then ask him: “Where did you get it?”

Instantly turn your conversation into something interesting. Tell her an interesting joke that will make her laugh.

KEY: MAKES HER LAUGH. Find a good joke and practice it several times before trying it on a woman. If she doesn’t smile, you’re ruined.

Ask her number – As soon as she starts laughing, ask her this.

Tell him that there is a charming, funny and sexy man he would like to meet. Ask her to write her email and you will let that person communicate with her. You have to do it in a confident and fun way. This is crucial. If you do it that way, she’ll write the email for you. While writing the email, ask him to write down his phone number as well.

And that’s it. Khalyla Kuhn Nude leave with a woman’s phone number and email address. If you want to befriend a woman, don’t call or text her. Just send him an email. This gives you time to respond appropriately. This is the simple secret to befriending hundreds of attractive women and forming a romantic relationship with them.

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