Sex Positions (We Know What Girls Like! Do You?)

Oh yeah, we understand what women like! How did we come to have this envious position? We did what any true playboy does; we level we ask them! We surveyed more than 1,100 women and asked them to answer the personal question: “What are your favorite sexual positions?”

I know what you’re imagining, “Why do we survey so many girls?” At first we were only going to question about a hundred, but by the time we started, it started to become obvious that this was a simple method of picking up some hot women, so another technique of picking up women was born. More on what later!

คลิปโป๊ will be surprised by several of the points they shared with us. Unbelievably, currently among the all-time favorites is the missionary position. Some women said they enjoyed looking into the eyes of his lover and feeling and seeing his passion.

While not an actual sexual position, a staggering 39 percent of women surveyed still responded to the issue with “Not being alone…” This caught us off guard! In case you have seen several of these females, your jaw will drop. I’m talking gorgeous! I’m talking about a gorgeous instant boner!

You understand what it means, right? GOOD! It means that there is a beautiful woman who does not want to be alone. She is eagerly waiting for you to get your game up to speed, wear her, lure her and make her yours! So what exactly are you waiting for?

Ok, that’s how we did it…we had taken the sexual positions that kept coming up. In the long run, it was reduced to 7 and in this article there is. But you have 4 or even more such roles in your bag of sexual tricks and techniques, your lover will undoubtedly classify and label you as an experienced LOVER who drives her crazy. What exactly are her favorite sex jobs?

The Magnificent Missionary

the things that are specific in life eventually just fade into the ocean of oblivion. Do you remember these things? The 8-track tape, the VCR, the cassette tape, the Polaroid camera, and also the typewriter have all faded into oblivion. But regarding sexual positions.

The Missionary Position is still a staple among many women, however, not for all the reasons you might think. Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of women are unable to orgasm in this location. However, he is at the top of their mailing list because of the mental connection. They tell us that they like the intimacy of being face to face with their lover.

Jenna, in New York, stated: “Watching each other while making love is extremely erotic for me… I love exploring his eyes as he slowly caresses me… it just makes me smile…”

Theresa from Chi City said, “There are many faces to experience moments that can make me feel a deep spiritual connection with my man. I get lost in his eyes for hours…”.

Those comments are possibly not even the idea of the iceberg. We have over 7,100 beautiful answers about the missionary position. Obviously, this is the traditional untouchable sexual position. What more can be said?

The alternative positions most enjoyed by women are the Cowgirl, the Lap Dancer, the Y, the Face It!, not to mention, the Doggy Style.

What we’ve got: Hot dating tips to enable you to easily attract, pick up, approach, seduce and keep the girl of her dreams. You won’t find this kind of advice anywhere else, and not at no cost.

Who it’s really for: ANY GUY who wants to be a LADIES MAN; I’m talking about the kind of MAN women love and the kind of MAN women can’t resist!

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